09:00 Uhr - 10:00 Uhr
28.03.2023, Digitalevent

Executive Dialog: ESG in the context of operational Restructuring - Priorities | Rating | Measures

The topic of ESG has not only been a central issue with regard to competitiveness and future viability since 2022 but has also become a central component of corporate strategies. In crisis situations, however, the topic of ESG is assigned a subordinate role, as it is essentially a survival strategy for the respective company.

A survey conducted in W&P's banking network in January 2023 showed that ESG is an important topic that should not be underestimated, even in times of crisis. During the webinar, we will present the results of the survey and talk to experts about the topic of ESG rating, ESG measures and their scope in the context of restructuring.

Upcoming speakers are
  • Beth Burks, Director of Sustainable Finance, Standards & Poors Ratings, London
  • Daniel Emmrich, Partner, Dr. Wieselhuber & Partner GmbH (W&P)
  • Dr. Stephan Hundertmark, Partner, Dr. Wieselhuber & Partner GmbH (W&P)
  • Eva Ringelspacher, Member of the executive board, Dr. Wieselhuber & Partner GmbH (W&P)
Veranstalter: Dr. Wieselhuber & Partner GmbH, S&P Global Ratings
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